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SEEC Ministries International exists to strengthen, encourage and equip according to 1 Cor. 14:3 and Eph. 4:12. This is our mission statement and SEEC Ministries International is attempting to accomplish that mission through conferences, seminars, publishing, audio and video as well as ministry in local churches domestically and abroad.

SEEC Ministries International
SEEC = Strengthen, Encourage, Equip Church  Ministries

MARTY is the author of various books and teaching manuals including: “Why Sheep Have Short Legs”, “Prophetic
Characteristics And Guidelines”, “Prophetic & Ministry Study Manual”
KATHY is the author of various books including: “Getting To The Heart of Dreams”, “Visions, Dreams and Intercession”

TEACHING CDs ___________________________________
CDs by Marty & Kathy are available. For a catalog contact us at: mail@seecministries.org
We have several worship CDs available including: “An Encounter” (Marty & Melissa Gabler * Prophetic Worship)

TEACHING and  WORSHIP/SOAKING MUSIC may be heard on our podcast site:  www.martygabler.podomatic.com
On YouTube WATCH Kathy Gabler: “Threshold Wars”

Kathy’s Kingdom Congress Message * Click Here: “Advancing The Kingdom”

SEEC Magazine___________________________________________
SEEC Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of the ministry of SEEC Ministries International
Authors include: Marty & Kathy Gabler, Jim Hodges, Simon Purvis, Dr. Elwyn Lewis, Jim Becton, Dr. Hope Taylor & others.
To receive SEEC Magazine contact us at: SEEC Magazine

Marty & Kathy are affiliated with Apostle Jim Hodges and the Federation of Ministers and Churches International

Their home church is Grace International Church in Willis, TX 

CONTACT INFO_________________________________________
Website:  seecministries.org  *  Click HERE to email us
Blog Page and Daily Devotions:  martygabler.com

SEEC Ministries International
PO Box 298 * Coldspring, TX  77331


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